Shooting fashion and lifestyle photography for some of the UK’s leading brands, we’ve worked with some of the best photographers in the business as well as developing our own specialist in-house teams. Our portfolio covers every area of the retail sector. And if there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that commercial results are everything.

Fashion photography

Three decades of helping leading fashion retailers to sell fashion off the page has taught us a few things. Most of all it’s taught us that results are the only things that matter. Glamour, glitz and fabulous locations are all intrinsic to fashion photography, but so too is a positive commercial outcome.

Work with us and you’ll be working with some of the very best fashion photographers in the business. Photographers who understand the importance of an image in selling a product and telling a brand’s story. Shooting in studio and all around the world, we create imagery that always appeals to your target audience.


As the number of people shopping online continues to climb, it becomes increasingly important for fashion retailers to ensure that their e-commerce channels more than keep pace with the competition. Consumers demand that new collections are available online even faster than they’re available in store.

To keep pace with this demand we’ve created a photographic solution that moves just as fast, turning high volumes of fashion product into high quality imagery – super quick. From sample pick-up to completion, we take control of the entire process; styling, shooting, retouching and uploading images.


Whatever the route to market, your product must be brought to life in front of the consumer. It must be striking, be memorable and be desirable. Only the highest quality imagery can truly make this happen.

The photographic team here at Photolink has a proven track record of creating product photography images that achieve just this. Products of all shapes, sizes and types are brought to life, from interactive images to simple cut-outs, we produce high quality, high volume photography that increases online conversion rates and that sell off the page.


We cover every area of post-production in-house either in the UK or offshore to ensure our images are given the loving care and attention they deserve.

Thousands of still life and model images every week are retouched including clipping if required. The colour accuracy of every product is also of paramount importance to us and we go to every length to ensure this.

We also employ advanced techniques such as shooting on green screen, so you can place your product on any background you wish.


Fashion and product photography can require significant investment for retailers and consumer brands alike. So it’s essential they feel completely secure in the knowledge that every photo shoot is commercially driven and lovingly cared for.

That’s where our shoot co-ordinators come into their own. Acting as a single point of contact throughout; managing the budget, monitoring the flow of samples, managing the photo crew, and delivering images. Safe in the knowledge that one of our team is dedicated entirely to the production of their images, our clients never need worry about a thing.


The right choice of environment is essential to the outcome of every photo shoot. To facilitate every brief and to manage today’s increasingly demanding turnaround times, photo studios must be fully networked and personally serviced.

The five exceptional photographic studios at Photolink are managed by our studio services team, who make sure that every photographic crew has everything that they need. Networked into our technical eco-system, each of the five studios has a direct connection to our image management and retouching experts. Tell our team what you need in advance, and all you have to do is just arrive and shoot.

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